Factual Friday

Happy Friday Friends! I’ve been experimenting a lot with foods lately, and found this guy after seeing it on a lot of other blogs: ¬†It’s the coolest thing ever! I’ve made zuccini noodles, and sweet potato curley fries so far..


FACT: you can make your own crackers.. and they will be awesome. Here’s how I made these paleo friendly, gluten free crackers. Variations of flavor are limitless- I’ll most certainly be making these again!


Sly and I have been enjoying the country life. We went for a 5mile walk the other day- he loved it! Although- He looks so scared here…


Dinner’s have been colorful! (Notice the zoodles!)


I started lifting weights… ¬†starting small, but it’s fun! I’ve been going to the gym at work a lot, finding myself to love it more and more.


FACT: Gym bags are way better than purses. I was using a big ol’ gym bag before, and it was so NOT cute, so I got this one.


FACT: I go crazy when I get e-mails from Strava.. it’s like getting a note from the Devil.

Time to step up my game.


Happy Friday! Hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend..

Don’t mind me: I’ll be at work


What I’m loving Wednesdays

StickyGram! Do you use InstaGram? Do you wish you could get your pictures in person? well now you can… I did! Turn your Instagram photo’s into Magnets. Love this idea! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. It was SO EASY to do too…

Can you guess which one’s I chose?


This Song. Imagine Dragons-Demons

My Nail color. Thinking about having this color for Joe and Erin’s wedding… the color’s ARE green and purple ;)


Coconut Water.. mini lunch box size! This brand is by far my favorite.. the most consistent flavor, the only ingredient is COCONUT WATER… nothing else.


Making my own Snack Mix.


Last but now least.. THIS BABY- My new Strava Jersey. Jealous? Now, if it would only warm up so I could wear it!



What have you been loving lately?