Favorite Workout Gear

I’m always curious to see what other people like to work out with.. don’t you?

So here’s my favorite things to get moving and stay healthy :)

I don’t know what I would do without my Garmin Forerunner 305. I use it running (obviously) and on my bike rides, and every other workout too! It’s the bomb. You can sign up with Garmin Connect and see all your workouts, elevation gain, speeds, heart rates.. and so much more. For an example : HERE is a bike ride I did awhile ago, with all the info, pretty cool hu?


Brooks adrenaline sneakers. I’ve learned this season that I need better support in my running sneakers… and these offer just that!

Prescription sunglasses.. I’ve been living in the dark since these things. I hate wearing contacts when I run or ride, so these things are like a God’s gift really. Rudy Project makes great stuff, nice and light, fits perfect and now they’re my everyday sunglasses too!

Ohh the foam roller. It’s a love-hate relationship. I never knew what it felt like until this past season when I went to Pysical Therapy for knee pain, turns out I had a tight hip flexor and really tight IT band. In came the foam roller to ease the pain and get me back on the bike.. Gosh I love that thing.

How do I fuel? Take a look. [yes it takes up almost a whole shelf in our pantry!] It’s part of the food pyramid in this house.

For cycling I got a new helmet, shoes and cleats this season and they were totally worth it! My Giro helmet is amazing- the vents are huge and fits awesome- no hot spots. The speedplay pedals are great, enough float and easy enough to clip in and out. And the shoes fit great.. stylish too ;) I was hesitant about buying them all online- but it’s so much easier and a little cheaper.

As for clothing..

I’m a big fan of these Lululemon shorts; why?- because they don’t ride up! They’re worth the extra $$ They’re really breathable, and not wicked short either. You get what you pay for!

Tops are these guys from Target- just basic T’s. They fit the bill- not too tight- long enough so it doesn’t ride up when you’re running all over the place and the sleeves are just the right length. Great for layering too. Oh and they’re cheap enough to get in a bunch of colors too!

what’s your favorite workout stuff? there’s so much more out there!

NoYz It is!

I’ve finally Decided! to go with the Noyz by Rudy Project. They’re going to look like this.. but with a charcoal Rx lenses.. and all white frame :)

OoOo… I just can’t wait til they come in.. probably next week, I’m hoping :)

Today I had a brutal 8 hours of class. GROSS! we are going to all electronic charting at work. It’s going to be quite the learning curve for everyone, not sure how it’ll be when it’s crazy busy, but we’ll see. So today we got an intro to all the stuff.. and I could barely sit still!

So you can imagine what I did once I got out??

I ran! just 21 minutes.. but feeling better and better, knee’s are still feeling good.. a little sore, but still 99.9% better than before! :)

Got home from my run, and opened up the mailbox.. and got another package from Pete! He sent me a t-shirt from Iraq with his regiment emblem on it.. very awesome :) Definately wearing this tomorrow @ class (yes class again! but only 4 hours this time, thank goodness!)

After going to order my sunglasses, JB and I stopped at CHIPOTLE for some eats.. some yummy yummy eats…

Inside is pure bliss.. I could barely contain myself to take this picture because I was so hungry!

just looks like a blob of dough.. but it’s what’s inside that makes it so delish, if you have never had Chipotle, then I could recommend going, either today, tomorrow, better yet- RIGHT NOW!I got the chicken burrito with brown rice, black beans, corn, medium salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and a little cheese.. As for the rest of the night… waiting for Intervention to come on.. I love Monday night T.V! what’s your favorite T.V. Night

green fact. 137: the number of plant, animal and insect species lost every day to rainforest deforestation, equating to roughly 50,000 species per year.