#TBT Dunphy Style



Good morning! Over a month ago, My family got together for my Dad’s B-day. We all wanted to get him something he would remember forever… but what? Amazing appetizers, some dinner, a home movie made by my mom, and some Oreo cookie cupcakes made the night one to remember. But there was something else…

Growing up my brothers and I always had a good time, no matter what. Playing dressing up, wrestling, Lego’s, playing ball, whatever they did, I did. So This picture emulates our childhood to the T. As we discussed what to get my dad, an idea came to me after talking with a freind. She recently got her siblings together and shot a few pictures to give to her parents. GENIUS! Except, we needed to take it to the next level.

I schemed with my mom to sort through and decide which picture to remake. The one on the couch is Epic, so of course we had to choose that one. My brothers came over a little early to shoot the picture and get it set for my dad to see… let me tell you- I was crying laughing it was too funny. Thanks to Monica, Erin, Anna and JB- we were all posing correctly, and the shot came out perfect.

So here you go, something I wasn’t going to share originally, but I think it’s  a great idea if you have siblings to do a “remake” of an old picture. My parents couldn’t get enough… neither could we!


Yes- we did it. We all use to fit on one cushion… now it takes a whole couch ;) Hope you had a good laugh, and make one for your parents! Have a great day :)

Have you ever done a picture like this?

Home Sweet Home

We’re alive… and loving Princeton :)

Life is moving at 100MPH right now, and our house is a construction zone. Stressful isn’t even the right word to describe what has been going on around here… 

I have been thinking about how and when, and what to Blog and now FINALLY we have internet! So here I am, a month after moving in… and a whole lot has been going on. Walls down, paint done, bathrooms gutted, hardwoods finished, lights replaced, hinges changed, insulation installed… the list goes on and on.

A few confessions before I start showing you our progress…

  • Justin and I haven’t rode our bikes in FOREVER.. my last work out was on the cruise. I’m counting all the moving and running around as my workouts though ;) No- Not really but It’s been so busy we haven’t had a chance to even think about it… never mind set up our trainers.. We’re planning some snowshoeing soon hopefully! Gosh- I feel like a slug. Sly and I are going for a nice walk today and check out the digs.
  • I have NOT been cooking at all.. and I miss it terribly. Grilled cheese and soup the other night. Panko crusted baked chicken last night..  womp. womp. I have all my new kitchen gadgets I want to use, I cant wait!
  • We have given our laundry to our mothers to do… no joke. Our washer and dryer came yesterday! So hoping to have it hooked up soon.

O.K. so here’s a brief look into the chaos @ The Butler household and progress of our updates… {tried to put old ones from the first time we came to look and recent ones side by side}

Dumpster #3 #WTF
Learning this Pellet stove:
Few other random tidbits… during the last storm, enjoying every second of it :)
Meet our neighbors..
We just ordered PeaPod last night as my shelves were pretty bare from not getting to the market. I decided to give it a whirl after hearing rave reviews about it. I must say it was super easy, and totally worth it! the website is awesome, you can compare your items, see what’s on sale, look at nutrition labels and the best part is not leaving your house! Actually I take it back, the best part is- they carry them into your house for you! I felt really weird when I went out to help him, and he insisted I go inside… WEIRD. Yes it’s worth my time, gas, and frustration at the grocery store and I’ll definitely be doing t again. Not every time, but it is nice to have that option! Give it a try..
I’ll keep you updated as we progress! Things are really coming along, and cannot wait to get settled. Still waiting on all our furniture. Yes you read that right. We do have our bed and some kitchen furniture so we can eat and sleep but that’s about it. Nothing to lounge around in and relax. Good thing because there is too much to do! O.K. speaking of too much to do, time for me to go sand some baseboards and paint…. Happy Friday!