How to make a bike jersey fit.

Do you have a bike jersey that’s too big? Or how about a t-shirt? A race t-shirt perhaps that you got for free and it’s just too big?
I especially hate wearing bike jerseys that are too big, so I’ve been known to sew them ;)
I recently got this jersey:
My father’s company rode in the Bike MS challenge this year, and had jersey’s made up. Which are pretty sweet hu? I wasn’t able to ride with them, however snagged a jersey and now wear it all the time. I did a little sewing to make it fit. It’s fairly easy if you have a sewing machine- you can do it too.
First, Turn the jersey inside out. Pin it where you need it taken in.
Cut the sleeves off where you want. (make sure you leave a little extra for the hem)
Sew it inside out, cut extra fabric off outside the stitch. zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
Fold over sleeve to make a hem, sew and zig zag stitch.
Viola! Now a jersey that fits.
It doesn't have to be perfect because you'll be going for fast no one will see the imperfections anyways J