Race and a Cape vacation


It’s been a long time since my last post. I have been busy with work, a road race and just got back from a week at the Cape!

Instead of telling you all about it, I’ll try and show you. Starting with the race. My father, brother Dave, and (soon to be) SIL Erin all did the Falmouth road race on Aug 12th. Let me tell you, it was something to see.. Over 12,000 PEOPLE!!

The weather forecast did not look promising for the race, so we played it by ear.

Going back and forth we ultimately decided to race. The rain and heat made it SO muggy, it was unbearable. I had to stop a bunch by the ocean and catch some fresh air, away from all the people.

Haha- check out those splits.. pretty impressive hu? Here’s Dave and I- patiently waiting the arrival of Dad and Erin shortly after ;)

Post race we headed back to the house, and went out for dinner to the Beach House. It kind of stunk being on a Sunday, so I stayed Sunday night and went back Monday morning, straight to work. Dinner was good though!

The week flew by, heading up to Maine for work Wednesday until Thursday night to see Eastern Maine Medical. After work on Saturday, JB and I packed up shop and headed down the Cape for the week for vaca. We didn’t have much planned, just a lot of relaxing, a few bike rides, dinner dates and beach days…

bike ride #1

bike ride #2-

Sly made a “friend” at the beach the second to last night.. :( Ever heard of the web site Dog Shaming? Dave showed me it, and thought I should submit a picture of SLY.. Check it out.

And here I am. Vacation is over. Back to work. Heading out for a bike ride up to Wachusett Mountain- Let the REAL fun begin!


How to make a bike jersey fit.

Do you have a bike jersey that’s too big? Or how about a t-shirt? A race t-shirt perhaps that you got for free and it’s just too big?
I especially hate wearing bike jerseys that are too big, so I’ve been known to sew them ;)
I recently got this jersey:
My father’s company rode in the Bike MS challenge this year, and had jersey’s made up. Which are pretty sweet hu? I wasn’t able to ride with them, however snagged a jersey and now wear it all the time. I did a little sewing to make it fit. It’s fairly easy if you have a sewing machine- you can do it too.
First, Turn the jersey inside out. Pin it where you need it taken in.
Cut the sleeves off where you want. (make sure you leave a little extra for the hem)
Sew it inside out, cut extra fabric off outside the stitch. zig zag stitch to prevent fraying.
Fold over sleeve to make a hem, sew and zig zag stitch.
Viola! Now a jersey that fits.
It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’ll be going for fast no one will see the imperfections anyways J