Fish Taco's

I was suppose to race today.. but my Left knee has been acting up again. Ever since I weeded the garden on Thursday- I think I pulled my hamstring or something! So JB and I biked over to George St. to check out all the racers... Not gonna lie- I got jealous watching everyone race. Oh well. There's always next year I guess :/

Love this picture compliments of Mr. Foley.. (thank you!)

We hung around for a little bit, but it's Sunday so you know what that means!!! getting lunches ready for the week, finishing up some cleaning and laundry, and Sunday dinner plans.

Tonight we made Fish Taco's. Yep. They are gooooooood. Real good.

Here's how you can make them. You need some Tilapia (seasoned and marinated for 30 min with a little EVOO, Chili powder, red pepper, lime juice, s&p), or another firm white fish. wrap it in tin foil and grill over direct heat for 8 min..


and some homemade guacamole, some grilled onions, fresh cilantro and some scallions, brown rice, tortillas or taco shells, and any toppings you like. I like using a little plain greek yogurt- instead of sour cream, some cheese and lettuce.

Welcome to our taco bar :

Hope you had a great weekend.. and enjoyed the weather.

Ps- Tomorrow someone is picking up his new car! stay tuned for pictures :)

OoOoo and check out my new nail color- mint sorbet


kinda makes me want mint chocolate chip ice cream... good thing we have some ;)