After a hot bike yesterday, we were in need of a night out ;) Last night JB and I went on a double date with Matt and his girlfriend Claire. We went to this place in Worcester called BOCADO. Thanks Claire for choosing this spot because it was AWESOME! JB and I have looked at the menu as it gets rave reviews on YELP, however never made the trip. So I'm glad we went! It's a spanish tapas bar and restaurant that offers a huge selection of food and drinks. We decided to go with the tapas experience for 4.

It was certainly enough. We all chose what we might like and tried a little bit of everything. According to YELP- their sangria is a must- so I had to try it, I went with the berry one- it was sweet :)

Sorry Matt- but I had to take pictures to post here ;)

The fried goat cheese and almond saffron hummus were my favorite "starters"

Everything was sooooooo good.. and this isn't even everything!

The mini kobe beef sliders were my favorite too! (mmmmm burgers)

Then came the big meal. We got the Meat Paella. I've never had paella, and it certianly won't be my last either- it's a combination of yellow rice, different meat including sausage, chicken, duck, pork and veggies- PERFECTION.

Oh- and we even got dessert with the whole meal. I wasn't a huge fan of the flan- but the fried dough with chocolate dipping sauce was really good.. good enough JB grabbed one before I could get my picture in! (...what a sweet tooth)

I suggest you check out Bocado because You can taste flavors you may not be able to try anywhere else. I will definitely be going back here.. for those burgers and hummus ;)


..Ever been to Bocado?

..What was your favorite dish?