Homemade Frosty Paws for Dogs

Ever heard of these?  

Well with all this heat, Sly deserves some homemade frozen lovin'. I made these last night.. peanut butter frozen dog treats. They are so much cheaper than the market! We headed over to Target last night after JB and I went to scope out some cars at the Subaru dealership... yes. It's true- he is finally getting a new car ;) It's still in the works.. once it's in the driveway I'll show you ;)

I already had honey at home so we picked up some plain yogurt, extra natural peanut butter, dixie cups and a couple more bananas. That's all. To be honest after I made them- I thought to myself, why can't I have one of these? They looked and smelt so good, kind of like my usual post workout smoothie really.

So all you have to do is blend together:

  • one ripe banana
  • 32 oz. Natural Plain Yogurt
  • 3-4 T. Natural Peanut Butter
  • 2 T. Honey

**Be sure to let your pup lick the peanut butter spoon**


pour them into either dixi cups, or styrofoam egg crates and freeze overnight.

dog treats
dog treats

Then to loosen them just let it soak in a little warm water, then pop in a big ziplock bag for easy pop n' go treats. Pretty cool hu? ;) the dixi cups peel right off too.. so you can feed them to your dog or let them have the whole darn thing.

Oh Hi.. Whats that?


Yes Please!!

:) (...notice the drool)

sly frosty paws
sly frosty paws

Hope you make these for your four legged friends.. I hear cats like them too. Variations are endless.. just use your imagination- you will be rewarded with many kisses.

Have fun!