birthday wrap up.

  A lot has been happening, but nothing really too exciting, sorry for the long lapse in blogging! I have been busy with work and it's been going real well so far. It's a lot to handle at times but it's starting to grow on me.. just enough to increase my hours ;) Yes I know. Crazy.

My birthday weekend was great- Mom and I went out to celebrate (because it was her b-day too!) and got our nails done, had lunch and a little shopping. JB and I went out for Sushi, and he really liked it too, so much so that we got take out sushi last night from the Sole!

@Baba Sushi..

I got some really awesome gifts for my Birthday... (I have the best family in the world :))

This past weekend we went down the cape for a few nights, it was gorgeous and the weather was amazing. We went to the beach, did a little shopping and checked out Dave and his new hobby. Kite Boarding.

Ever wonder how much work goes into this? A LOT!!! Justin and I were waiting around while Dave set up his stuff.. skipped a few stones and had some fun.

The wind died down, so after all that work he didn't even get to go out. Too much work for me... kudos to Dave for being that patient! One thing we don't need the wind for is.. LADDER BALL! There's Eric, Joe up top and Dave playing with JB.

I played too.. does spectating count? ;) Last year JB and I were undefeated... just saying- this year could be a repeat?

Ever played? So much fun!

After dinner, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the beach. At 9pm. So.... Eric, JB, Dave and I gathered up a frisbee, some adult bevies, hopped on the beach cruisers and pedaled down to the beach. Glow in the dark frisbee is awesome on the beach until you have this happen:

JB -0 ......Huge boulder on the beach -1

So much for that.

Back to the grind tomorrow... until then I'll be wishing I was back here-


....Any plans for the 4th?