I can breathe!

I always say I'm not sick.. even if I am. JB and I always joke around because whenever I don't feel good I never admit to him that I'm actually sick because let's face it- "I never get sick!". He says I could be on my death bed and I would still say I'm not sick.. probably true.

But I'll admit it this time.. I'm sick. We're both sick actually. Since Tuesday. I'm convinced we got it from our trip out to Natick last Saturday, shopping around with all those people. Yep- that was definitely it.

I have been guzzling water, downing tons of fruit and veggies, but to no avail I'm still congested, feeling like.... crap.

So my mom tells me about this neti pot thing you stick up your nose to irrigate your sinuses and clears out everything. Uhhhh NO thanks!

But then I googled it, and read some reviews on it, and decided it was probably the best bet for me. If Dr. Oz says it's good then I'll try it ;)

So I headed to Wal-Mart. Spent 14 bucks and gave it a whirl. (No I am not going to post a video demonstration... that's what You Tube is for people!) But this guy will.. check out his spider babies..


I wouldn't say it's "life changing" like these people in the video, but it's pretty awesome. Gross to think about but in reality makes sense. It's washing away all the pollen, dirt and build up that gets caught in the fibers and hairs in your nasal cavity.


Have you ever used a Neti Pot?