O.K... this is it.

Ok. Now i'm nervous. The "CARE CONNECTION CENTER" officially opens tomorrow.. and I'm on- first thing in the morning to get things going. No pressure... right? EEEEEEEK!! deep breath. Oh- Here's my weeks worth of outfits ;)

Yesterday JB and I took a ride to Gearworks to pick up some new threads.. nothin' like a new pair of cycling shorts (and bottle)!

Today we went for a little bike ride to test em' out. Of course JB had to search out some segments ;) And he crushed them per usual.

Yesterday after Gearworks we headed out to Natick Mall- seeing as though it was a rainy lazy day, who else would be there? ONLY EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER WAS THERE! It was so packed, it honestly felt like the holidays, people scavenging for parking and waiting in long lines everywhere! We didn't stay for too long, just long enough to get a few little things ;)

As for now, I'm going to plop on the couch and relax for the rest of the evening and NOT try and stress over work tomorrow. Dinner tonight is Spinach Feta turkey burgers from Whole Foods... mmmmmmm cannot wait ;) I LOVE burger night!

Hope you had a great weekend, and made the most of the rain...

Have a good week!