Bug Zapper

My Mom dropped a bug zapper off a few weeks ago.. I know- really random but it turns out to be wicked awesome!

It’s so much better than just a regular fly swatter.

Thank you Ocean State Job Lot! (and Mom!) Doesn’t get much cheesier than this.


Now.. watch this. There was a fly on me, so I told JB to go grab the zapper..

Now you go get one and tell me how much fun you have with flies in your house.. Oh and they work for spiders too! WIN WIN!

If you are offended by my fly video- I’m sorry. They shouldn’t have come into my house.

What type of foot do you have?

Knee issues? Back pain? Take a look at the type of shoes you are wearing.. and have a little fun. Take this test to find out the type of support you really need!

We did ;)

I have a flat/normal arch on the left. JB on the other hand has a SUPER high arch on the other side of the paper. After our century ride a few weekends ago he started with knee pain… so that’s what triggered our arch session.

I haven’t had issues since getting re-fit to my bike, and having new supportive Brooks ADRENALINE sneakers when I run. The foam roller has been a blessing too!

What type of arch do you have? do you even know? I would recommend doing this little test and find out!

Looking forward to the HOT weather this week… I better not hear anyone complaining about it! :)