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Poor Sly was sick for the past week. So whats a mother to do? cuddle him. love him. and spoil him of course.

I’m convinced it was his food as he has a pretty sensitive stomach, so I made him a bland diet to settle it for a few day. Who else does this? totally normal right? chicken and rice.. he gobbled it right up- NOW he’s all better, eating his regular food again..

back to his usual goofball self ;)

After work on Thursday I headed down the Cape for a few days to hang out with the fam. Friday was relaxing, waking up to no alarm clock is always nice, then went for a run before going out with mom all day. Friday night we had a feast with the whole family. Ribs were soooooo good. (kudo’s mom!)

So- Saturday morning we planned a golf outing with Joe, Dave and Dad. Now, I haven’t played this season yet- just to the range, so I was mentally prepared to do horrible. But- I hit all my drives awesome, putting was good, and short game was aiiiiight. However, my irons need some work, ok they were BAD- VERY BAD- so it’s time to practice! It was such a nice day out there, the course was a little weird, but that’s O.K. we always have a good time :)

OooOoH!  Remember this post? well I was informed by one of my fellow twitter triathlete friend on Friday and she pointed out that the they used a picture of JB and I on the website. check it out ! Wicked random, but pretty awesome if I must say so myself ;) I should contact Hammer and tell them I don’t do free advertising.. I mean come on- we’re on a web site and everything! Hmm..


On that note– I think it’s a perfect day for a bike ride..