100 miles.

Thats right. JB and I rode over 100 miles this weekend, into NH too ;) I was hoping we would ride by an "Entering NEW HAMPSHIRE" sign.. but no such luck. I'm gearing up for my century ride beginning of June- so this ride made me feel confident I can do it. Just as long as I have company to pull me along! Oh- What we did ride by in NH was this little guy- trying to cross the road.. don't worry- I helped him along.

Rindge, NH..

Saturday 77-

and an easy Sunday 25-


Tonight's dinner was ALL  on the grill. Perfect weather for it!

We got some fingerling potatoes, tossed them in EVOO, Rosemary and pepper. wrap em' up in tin foil- grill on direct heat for 40-ish minutes.

As for those brussels sprouts, cut off the ends, microwave them for 3 minutes, then toss in a little EVOO, paprika, pepper, and a clove of minced garlic.. once they are cooled- spear them and sprinkle with a dash of salt to get ready for the grill. Grill direct heat for 5 min, then flip over for another 5..

Have you ever grilled a whole head of garlic.. until it's butter soft to smear onto a crusty piece of bread?

No? That's too bad.. because that's just what we did. Cut off the top of the garlic, wrap it in tin foil and grill it for 30-40 min indirect heat, while the other stuff is grilling.


AND the chicken- JB took charge on that- he marinated it in some OJ, a BBQ Hickory rub, and a little EVOO for 2 hours.

Grill indirect heat for 40 min, then on direct heat for a few minutes to crisp it up a bit-

Enjoy. It all timed out perfect, the grill is always good for that- so long as you know what you're cookin' ;)

Hope you had a great weekend, and HAVE a great week!