Wachusett Mountain Hill Climb

Straight from my Eastern Mountain Blog post ;)  

Ever heard of the Wachusett Hill Climb? ...No?

Well- if you are a Cyclist- I Suggest you look it up (and start training) for next year.  I did it this past Saturday morning and it sure was a challenge. There were over 200 riders, old, young, novice to pro's. And everyone finished! The race started at 9:30am, where we all began at the bottom of mile hill road. As the bell went off- I clipped right in, and found my groove. Huffing and puffing my way up Mile Hill, I eventually passed a few people along the way. Once I entered the Mountain's Main entrance I knew I had to give it my all with a slight recovery there, however my legs were tired, throat was dry and my HR.. well- it was high.

I've ridden up the mountain before, many, many times however not max effort. My official time was 24:13 with an average HR of 171 and average MPH of 9.1! The winning time overall was 15:00.. yikes. The whole ride I was wondering why I was riding in the race, why I would do this to myself?!?  Just like any other time trial, 5K, or max effort race. Then once the finish line was in sight it was all worth it! Right?

Here's that strava stuff I love so much-


(Oh and the BBQ and prizes were worth it too!)

Check out my awesome King.. or Queen of the Mountain Hat I got ;)

Today, Justin and I went for a leisurely ride to spin out the legs, however we always tend to go a little harder than we plan. All in all it was a great cycling filled weekend :) I couldn't have asked for more!