Weekend happenings


Just saw the Hunger Games… it was SO GOOD!! I wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the next one to come out. It will certainly be worth the wait. One of the previews today was super funny- check it out:

Tomorrow I start my new adventure :) My last day as an E.R. nurse was this past Saturday. Weird. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet to be honest with you. After work on Saturday JB and I went for a bike ride…

Before heading to his mom’s house for an early mother’s day dinner :) We had pulled pork- it was just like a BBQ place.. MmMm! Today was the usual Sunday routine (oops- minus the movie) Groceries, getting lunches ready and cleaning up. I’ve put ALL my scrubs in a bin (jeeez I have a lot of scrubs!)… Dansko’s are sanitized and ready to wear-

New work bag is packed and ready to go-

my plan for tomorrow  :) –> gym with my PIC @5:15am to lift, cardio til 6:45, then get my butt ready for the rest of the day! Heading into work for 8:00am to exchange my badge and start my orientation… EEEK! I’m so excited- the gym will be good before to burn off some of my energy ;)

As for Dinner? I’m thinking.. THIS :) Have you made them yet? no? they’re so easy and a different twist on regular chicken- Give them a whirl.

Hope you had a great weekend, I’ll keep you updated on how things go with the new job :)