Oh Hi.

Sorry for the long lapse in Blogging. That thing called LIFE got in the way ;)

Our 5:15am gym regimen resumes.. life is good. The usual suspects are there, doing their usual routines and I’m back on track! *siiigh* I don’t think it’s odd that I get up on my days off at 5am to go to the gym with Courtney… do you? Naaahhhh. Today I made the decision to lift in the morning, THEN ride my bike up Wachusett Mountain in the afternoon- perhaps that was a little weird O.K. I get it.

Oh ya know what else has been going on? I have an official start date for my new job! May 6th :) I can’t wait to dive into a whole new adventure and learn everything there is to learn. I’m a tad bit nervous, but mostly soOoOoO excited to start a new chapter in my life. Let’s hope I write a good book ;)

Speaking of books, I’m onto reading the Hunger Games.. the first book was awesome! I read it in about 2 days, and I’ve begun the 2nd one yesterday. Now- who wants to go see the movie with me?!

I always feel like I’m so behind with the reading and movie ‘hype’. First with those Twilight books and movies I finished about a month ago, and now the Hunger Games, I feel like it’s old news! ¬†Everyone is reading a new book now.. 50 Shades of Gray? I hear it’s pretty scandalous!

So, can I show you something?

I got these the other day, and I totally fell in love. Nine West makes a pretty killer shoe-

I wore them out the other night, and I LOVE, LOVE, ¬†LOVE them. So comfy, and the colors are awesome, they’ll be able to go with anything! DSW- I <3 you.


I know.. heels! eeeeep! ;)



Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Finally some rain.. but I’m suppose to go to the Red Sox game tonight! BOOO

We couldn’t have asked for a better week {weather wise} So I made the most of it- riding my bike and getting some sweet tan lines! And this is with SPF 50…

I think I’m just going to start not wearing gloves because this just looks hilarious. Oh and pretty sure when Courtney and I were getting our nails done yesterday they were making fun of it (without me knowing..obviously). Eh well- My leg lines aren’t as noticeable, but they’ll be in full swing in no time. You know when a cyclist is at the beach when she has weird ass tan lines.. so don’t laugh next time, just look away.

Justin FINALLY has his new mountain bike finished.. and I must say- it is mighty nice. We went out to Trout brook on Friday everning so he could take it for a spin, while I ran the trails with Sly.

Happy Earth day.. try and make the most of it :)