Maybe I'll wear that..

  With all of this warm weather I've been cleaning out the closets.. literally. The bedroom, bathroom, laundry, basement and pantry... remember I love to re-organize stuff? This is what I call fun ;) I really do love spring cleaning, purging all the junk winter has accumulated, lightening up and de-cluttering everything. I've been looking at old clothes, I literally haven't worn in YEARS.. yet I just can't seem to donate... why? because I think - "maybe I'll wear it someday?"

well- NO! NOT today- Today is the day I'm donating whatever I haven't worn in the last year.

How many of you feel that way too? "I'll just wear it once more.. even though I really don't like it.."

Enough is enough.. Good Will is going to be happy to see me! :) and that's just ONE of the bags..

I like the whole buying a few staples in the wardrobe and working off those.. and just accessorizing. I'm not a fashionista at all- but I'm getting the hang of things ;) I've got my eye on a few outfits for this summer.. simple, easy, and most important- Comfortable! Found these from Athleta, Title Nine and the first outfit idea on Pinterest ;)

The weather has been amazing the past week.. so I've been riding outside. Today I did 35 miles solo with my new bar tape ;)

what do you think? A little flashy I know :)


How have you been enjoying the nice weather?