Time to ride.

  Can I say spring might just be around the corner. Oh and did you 'spring' your clocks ahead? Because we totally forgot to change the bedroom clocks, so now our ride is sooner than expected! Turning the clocks is when I know it's ALMOST time for Spring! I've been busy spring cleaning, and such [& organizing thanks for Pinterest ;)]. A lot has been going on, however I can't update you all just yet- until it's official. ;)

Friday night the E.R had a nice going away party for my Boss- {BOOOOO} @ the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester. Who would have thought that there's actually a nice hotel in Worcester? Well- now I know!

Here's my "twin" and I. Kelly and I are constantly getting mixed up at work, to the point of  me answering to Kelly ;)

Today JB and I are heading out for a bike ride- not so sure how my legs will be after my first week of lifting! I'm just exciting to get out there and ride. I've been riding the trainer a few times a week, but that's nothing compared to the real thing- so let's get to it!

Other things I've been working on;

I've seen this on Etsy, and I'm determined to make it. Remember I can sew? Sooooooo- I'm going to give it a whirl, once I find the stuff to make it, I'm all over it.

 Hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!

It's time for us to go conquer some segments...