Does your kid bite?

It’s Friday. {Happy Friday.. I guess}

So as you know- I’m an animal lover, ASPCA member, Pit bull owner and advocate. My temperature and blood pressure rises when I see and hear about things like this- Animal Profiling. Especially about my little guy..


I understand that there are stereotypes for everything.. people included. But to generalize the Pitbull breed as a vicious breed is absolutely ludicrous. It’s the owner that needs to be punished not the f-ing dog.

Do you own a dog?

How would you feel when you walk your dog down the street, people cross just so they wouldn’t have to be near you? Or if they don’t cross the street, they won’t even look at you or your dog when all your dog wants to do is say…. “HI! I want to lick your hand!?”

Oh- the best one is if they do get close enough- because sometimes Sly just can’t help himself to say hi, they ask “Does he bite?” I try my best to laugh and say no.

But what do I really want to say?… No you numskull- He doesn’t bite, does your kid bite?


My heart bleeds for those dogs that don’t have a choice- that don’t have a voice..


Please don’t discriminate.. it’s wrong to profile humans, so why do we do it for our family pets? Sly and so many other “Bully” breeds are the most loyal, friendly, SMART, and loving dogs you will ever meet. Stop judging and start loving will you?

or else.


What kind of dog do you have.. and have you ever had to deal with profiling?