George Street

Welcome to the Hills of Worcester. JB and I went for a bike ride yesterday... February 18th and we were riding outside- I still can't believe it. The roads were dry and the sun was shining! Although it was an "off day" for me (training wise, for the Hyannis Half marathon) I was itching to get outside. I recently bought a new saddle for my ride too, so I wanted to give that a try ;)

"Life is too short for a man to hold bitterness in his heart."-Marshall Taylor

Ever heard of George Street in Worcester? or Major Taylor? No?...



JB and I headed over there during our ride to give it a go. He nailed it of course flying up in 26 seconds... I've got some work to do.  I was psyching myself out the whole ride thinking I couldn't even do it, because my bike fitness was down the drains. I haven't been riding as running has been my focus the past 4 months! Once we got to the climb I just went for it, and it wasn't THAT bad... check out the stats on {STRAVA}


Once the summer months come I'll shave some serious time off my 47 seconds. 47 seconds though- that's not soo shabby for my 1st time, and not giving 100%. Last year the fastest woman's time was 31.97 -pretty sure I won't be beating that. (looked her up and she's a racer.. DAMNIT)

Hey- I can try can't I?  Pffftttt.. Who wants to do the challenge with me?

*Today is officially the last day of vacation for us* :( Instead of the regular sunday blues.. we have a case of the MONSTER SUNDAY BLUES!!! I'm trying to look on the bright side..

  • next weekend is the race!
  • we're going down the Cape to see all the renovations my parents made which will be exciting,
  • we're have some pretty awesome company staying with us ;)