Bah Humbug

santa hat brownie bites

Just kidding- Merry Christmas! Well- almost.. so Merry Christmas Eve ;)

Today I got my long run done since I’m working tomorrow for Christmas! BAH HUMBUG! Training has been going pretty good- still working in Z1 (131-143) which has been hard sometimes, but super easy too. Gotta stick with it to reap the rewards.. next month I’m hoping for some intervals/hills? I know.. hoping?- who would hope for that crap…. me. No pain. No gain.

Last night found this little “pin” on Pinterest… it’s a 5-ish minute workout to get the blood pumpin’- Give it a try- it’s pretty good!

Repeat this cycle 2x right when you wake up in the morning.. or anytime really; working up to more reps if you have time!

Since I’m not going to the annual Butler Christmas Day party tomorrow… I decided to make something for JB to bring. They’re pretty easy- and hoping to be a crowd pleaser!

Santa Hat Brownie Bites- I just used a brownie mix to make things a little easier.. I know, I know (A BOX.. how could I?!) So make some mini brownies in mini muffin tins, flatten them out and let them cool completely.

While the brownies are cooling- prepare all your strawberries. Pick and choose which ones are “hat worthy”. Cut off the bottoms and set aside.

In a double boiler- melt a bag of white chocolate chips.

put the melted chocolate on the brownies like this..

and place a strawberry on each mini brownie.

To top it off.. dab a little dot of white chocolate on top of the stawberry to complete the Santa Hat look..


Ho Ho Ho!… Enjoy :)

Egg Head

How many eggs do you go through in a week? A dozen? a half dozen? a bakers dozen? none?

JB and I eat a lot of eggs.. and just recently I told you about our switch to happy eggs right?… (you don’t know what happy eggs are?)

I mentioned our order of Happy Meat with Caledonia Farm.. but their next order to Worcester isn’t until the new year :( BOOOO, so we have to wait! It’s been quite the hassle finding happy meat in the store- we’re in trouble.. but not for buying eggs! We found some local eggs on our way to the Butler Christmas party last week… (the circle of fun ;))

Remember this post? Well- it’s the same people who put out the eggs, and we couldn’t have been happier!

Check it out…

They’re HUGE! and… yummy too- the yolks are more tender than those “regular” eggs ;) plus it makes me happy knowing that they’re happy too..

Inside of the cooler was two dozen eggs, and an empty carton (why? and empty one?- they ask that if you CAN return the carton for future eggs- so today we’re going to bring it back.. hope they have the cooler out! makes sense because they’re not buying their own eggs right?)

Ever see those signs on the side of the road for fresh eggs?

..stop next time and give them a whirl- you just might be surprised how good they are ;) Plus- you’re supporting your local’s.. double bonus.


green tip. As you make room for new holiday treasures, consider donating unwanted toys, electronics, and clothing to charity instead of throwing them away. One man’s trash is another mans treasure!