What's your beef?

This post took me awhile. Not because of the content, because of the pictures.

I had trouble looking at the pictures & cry have to stop. But in order to show you what happens to the mass produced meat we USED to eat.. and what you probably eat.. I had to. This is something thats really important to me. It's our furry and feathered four legged (and two legged) friends. I often wonder why I'm not a vegetarian because it bothers be so much thinking about, well you know- how it got on my plate. *sigh*

In reality, it's part of the food chain though. I know- I know- there have been studies done and researchers have "proven" that humans aren't meant to eat meat, but it goes both ways. I can agree with them both. Everything in moderation is how I roll. I've never been one to crave a steak or piece of chicken.. (cereal and watermelon on the other hand- I can vouch for). After writing this post I just might be cutting down on meat.. a lot more.

If I'm not going to be vegetarian- I can at least make sure I'm eating the happiest god-darn meat there is! In comes the term Happy Meat.

So what's the big deal? I've been reading a lot of article's on the pro's and cons of 'free range, grass fed, humanely raised animals' vs the other 'mass produced, hormone & antibiotic infused, grain fed animals'. If you do some research you'll probably be in the same boat I am. FYI- Cage free doesn't mean anything- some labeling is a hoax, so really look into what you are buying.

HANDS DOWN- there is no debate free range is healthier for the animal and consumer. "One USDA study found that 50 percent of feedlot cattle carried the E. coli O157:H7 bacterium in their intestines during the summer months; another study found that 7 percent of chickens sampled at slaughterhouses had salmonella and 30 percent had campylobacter." Other reports of factory farms feeding animals fillers such as cement dust, wood chips, remains of other animals, and sewage- SICK. :(

Grass fed beef is healthier than corn/grain fed beef:

-Cows on a corn/grain based diet eat high-calorie grains in feed lots.. where they fatten quickly. While this is cheaper for cattle farmers and increases the efficiency of beef production. Fattening cows with grain creates marbling effect, which increases fat and cholesterol levels... Same goes for other force fed animals..


Grass-based diets, on the other hand, are just that – cows raised on pastures and eat grass (like they’re meant to!) With lower amounts of saturated fats and higher omega 3's..

Doesn't he look happy?


So.. if you like to eat your chicken & eggs from a place like this- not even enough room to turn around..

chicken coop
chicken coop

and pork from a place like this- no where to run around..

go ahead.

Not us... Animals deserve to live a happy life before we eat them right? Take a look at this Site and browse for just a minute or two... please.

So check out where we ordered our meat and eggs from- in Barre. There are a lot of farms around here- I had no idea until we started looking them up!

these guys look a lot happier AND healthier.. don't you think?

So what can you do?

Start with a Meatless Monday.

Get organic meat.

or.. Switch to free range, grass fed, locally grown, humanely raised- Happy Meat :)

....or there's always vegetarianism..

What are your thoughts?