Light as air..


Dad requested these cookies.. so I quickly obliged. I’ve never made them before so I wasn’t sure how to deal with the whole egg white “peak” stuff.

allrecipes had an easy recipe that I found- but still questioned the texture and directions of the egg white peaks. That’s where You Tube came in. I looked at a few video’s and gave it a go!

I DOUBLED the recipe and it made 40 meringues. SO.. preheat the oven 225 F

Get out your electric hand mixer and mix up 4 egg whites, 1/4 t. cream of tartar, 1/4 t. salt until soft peaks form.

then slowly add in 1 c. of white sugar, whip until it looks something like this…

line 2 cookie sheets with foil and plop the mixture on it and sprinkle with some crushed peppermint candy.

bake low and slow for 90 minutes.. do NOT let them brown at all.. SO KEEP YOUR EYE ON THEM! once they are all done, turn the oven off leave the cookies in the oven and crack the door while they cool completely.

They’re lights as air, crispy and minty! perfect for the holidays :)

I made a few with a little chocolate powder too.. chocolate and mint- you can’t go wrong.

they all came out really good! they might take a bit to cook, but they’re worth it, and they last up to two months stored in a cool dry place!


green tip. Enjoy the holidays with family & friends! Replace traditional candles with soy based candles for extra holiday scent!


Whats your favorite holiday treat?