Jalapeno corn muffins + Zone 1

Jalapeño corn muffins.. that’s right. I went a little nutty before and made pistachio corn muffins- so why not SPICE it up and make jalapeño ones!

Yesterday morning I whipped up a batch of the corn bread batter which I used for the thanksgiving stuffing, so I still had all my ingredients.

I’ve been dying to try these dried Jalapeños I got from Penzys Spices from my trip to Denver! So I knew this would be the perfect opportunity.

They came out great.. what wasn’t so great was I made a rookie mistake and burnt myself on the pan as I was taking them out of the oven! BOOO- I’m going to blame Sly because he was in my way ;)

Using the same recipe from the cornbread, but right at the end I added a couple teaspoons of the dried jalapeños…

I made a few plain too-

Training for the Hyannis Half marathon has been going well. Month 2 started today. I had my 5K on saturday to get my max and average HR. I started out strong, the plan was to go all out. That’s what I did. Well- I didn’t want to pass out in the midst of running, so I did my best! The taste of blood lingered in my mouth at the end of the race so I’m pretty sure I pushed myself the hardest I could. I thought my max HR would be a bit higher, but everyones is different I suppose.. My max for this race was 186, average of 170. Ran a 7:28 min/mi… now- if I could only do that for 10 more miles I’ll be all set for the Half Marathon! Courtney has been my “coach” for this whole thing and I’m so thankful for that! (thanks! :)) I’ve never really “trained” for a race.. I just kinda ran on schedule, but this HR thing is intriguing… and shall I say… FUN?

So today was my 1st {ZONE 1} run. My goal was to run with an average HR between 131-143.. I was shooting for 137. 40 minutes later @ a 10:08 min/mi pace later I was cruisin’ right at 138. Not too shabby for my first zoned run. Even though I felt like a snail out there, I had fun controlling my HR… Don’t worry the speed will come ;)

How do you train for a race?


Holiday Nails!

Have you looked at Pinterest yet?.. there’s a billion pages of holiday ideas.. and tons of pictures of holiday nails, food, decorations and more. I’ve been seeing holiday nails, but thinking I couldn’t do THAT myself.. but.. hey- why not? I’m pretty good at doing nails- so I gave it a whirl..

I went and got some painters tape. (this is key because it doesn’t peel off the underlying nail polish layer!) and of course I had to get some holiday nail polish colors. I know.. I know, they’re not water based or eco-friendly, but I wanted to try it!

So here goes.. Pretty simple- just get creative :)

They came out pretty good hu? Now go try it ;)