Christmas Traditions

One present wrapped, online shopping almost done. it’s Game time ;)

What do you have planned Christmas Day?

a. waking up early to travel to your families house and spend the day with loved ones eating loads of yummy food and listen to chrismas music and look at old pictures of you as a kid.

b. waking up late, eating a huge breakfast, waiting for family to arrive then just lounging around, serving your favorite appetizers, unwrapping quirky gifts from family.

c. waking up early, traveling hours and hours, from house to house, seeing family you hardly know, eating fruit cake, feeling like a fruit cake.

d. waking up late, staying home with no agenda- enjoying the day with the one you love.

e. nothing. call me the Grinch!

f. working… working at 3 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. taking care of people.. maybe Santa will crash his sleigh and come to the E.R and I’ll take care of him, and Rudolph too. Heck- I might see him on my way to work. (can you tell what I’m doing on Christmas?)

 So- what do you have planned? ____

Picture Book of Colorado..


Life has been busy. Dinner dates, training runs with Sly and Holiday stuff! Oh and Recovery week this week!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already come and gone :( Did you get to have a Pilgrim Sandwich? I sure did- and it was amazing! can someone tell me again why we only cook turkey and all it’s fixin’s one or twice a year?

Here’s some pictures from Colorado. This about sums it up= Awesome-ness. and …When can I move there?

Here’s our welcome snack to the Hotel -Thanks to Erin (aka-Ms. Montana) and her many stays at Hyatt Hotels for work ;)

view from the room.. I wanted to drop everything and go find those mountains!

As we were exploring a bit of the city we noticed a huge group of poeople. We thought it was a parade or something cool. Nope.

It was occupy Denver..


Just walking around with the new camera..

The hotel lobby climber’s..

Chow time… I had my first Jamba Juice and Starbucks out there… now I’m totally hooked. Starbucks was literally on every corner, no wonder why people are addicted! Jamba juice was the perfect pick me up afternoon snack… my favorite was the Orange Carrot Karma smoothie.. YUM

Traveling I’m not too keen on. The whole security thing is so stressful. You have everything tucked in it’s spot, just so- then you have to take it ALL out for them to scan it, rush out of the way, run through the scanner.. then grab your stuff all disheveled, then try and re-organize everything on a tiny bench…. and THEN some lady asks you to borrow nail clippers? Ummm NO. Gross. The flights were kinda long, but I was prepared ;) 

check this out.. and guess where the “Shelter” was?

…. in the Bathroom! Haha

I went hiking in Boulder one day, up to the Flatirons. The weather was perfect, 60 and sunny. It was absolutely breathtaking.

The elevation and the sites ;)

see the rock climbers?..

After Hiking I headed down to Boulder for some shopping and lunch… love, love, love it.

The last night in Denver, Erin and I set out on the Town. We managed to find a few breweries and have our own little beer tasting :) It was a lot of fun. My favorite one of all was at Wynkoop Brewing.. their Chili Beer. It was the perfect pairing for nacho’s & anything chili… except we didnt have either. It wasn’t hot or spicy, it just tasted like… well- chili’s! It was just so good. We asked all the other breweries thereafter if they had any chili beer, no luck :( but that chili flavor lingered in our minds, so we had to order some nacho’s for a snack later that night ;)

check out this bartender’s choice for me at another Brewery.. a raspberry beer! That was legit red… it was waaaaaaay to sweet- but it was pretty good..

Until next time Colorado… :)

Are you a fan of flavored beers?

What’s your favorite?

Haven’t been adding in those green tips in a long time, but recently I’ve been reading a lot… so you’ll be seeing more :)

  • Bring Back Cloth Napkins On average, each American uses a staggering 2,200 paper napkins a year, none of which are recycled. Why not reduce waste (and deforestation) by choosing cloth instead? You might even boost your mindful eating quotient: It’s much easier to linger over dinner with the table set the old-fashioned way. Read more at Room-by-Room Tips