I can dream.. can’t I?

It’s what I dreamed to be. I loved changing things around all the time, designing my room, mapping out a floor plan.. yet it’s what I really need right now… or at least at my next house!

an Interior designer.

I have zip, zilch, ZERO interior designer skills. I’m not savvy at decorating, or “jooshing” as they say on HGTV. I could thumb through magazines all day just to drool over ┬ácute houses, fancy layouts, and savvy ideas. I’ve been browsing houses and design ideas on Pinterest. This site it crazy.. so many ideas, people just sharing with each other things they love or find interesting. Take a look at just a few pictures of ┬ámy “Dream House ideas” I found. Oh- I can Dream can’t I?

I love watching all those home makeover shows, and remodeling shows. I’m completely envious of how easily they pick and chose colors, patterns, design schemes that all work so well together. Now why can’t that just be easy for everybody! There are so many cool ideas out there, It’s quite overwhelming what people have created, yet so fascinating.

I guess if you start from scratch it’s a little easier. I can only dream of designing my own kitchen and house… Someday?

The kitchen I have is.. Blue. Yes BLUE. Blue counters were what it came with and we painted blue walls.. (not sure why, because I hate it now). Haven’t you noticed all the pictures with the blue counter tops? Ha!

I’d suggest watching >>I’m Blue..<<it basically sums up our house. ;)

The bedrooms have Blue carpet, and one of the bedrooms we painted Blue… (we now call it the “BLUE ROOM” AKA the “workout room”) and yes I hate that too.

Our master, if you want to call it a “Master” is painted a dark Grey color, I love the color… but the carpet is Blue, which just kills it!

I probably think about it too much, how I want my next dream house to be. Simple, Clean & Green (NO not the color- eco-friendly!) So if you have any design tips just send them my way :) Or just Suggest them on Pinterest ;)

What’s your dream house look like?