Berry Good Party!

the Chex Mix party was Berry Fun ;)

Because Driscoll's berries were there too! Not only did Courtney host this amazing Chex mix party, but she also had Driscoll's berries there too! JB and I walked down for their shindig (all bundled up!) and were greeted by TONS of treats! The house smelt amazing..

My favortite Chex mix was probably the PB and chocolate Blast.. there were huge clusters of peanut butter and chocolate in there.. YUM.

The other two I couldn't help nibbling either, they were all so so good! I never knew that you could do so much with Chex Cereal! What's your favorite Chex "Mix"? I've made their "muddy buddies" a couple years in a row, but I think I might need to switch it up with one of these new recipes.

This Honey Warmed Brie with Raspberries was amazing too! served with little crostini bread, wishing I had some right now..

One of their friends brews his own beer, and gave us a few to sample at the party. They were both pretty good, the labels were the best part! take a look;

We all stayed pretty late.. (for this old lady anyways) then JB and I ran home.. yes ran home at 1 am. I'm sure we looked a little weird. OK a lot weird if anyone saw us! We had to get to bed for our bike ride in the morning with PW... in the COLD.

We rode at 1120-ish. It was about 38 degrees out and it sure felt like it. In the sun it wasn't so bad, but once you got riding the cold went through you. I wore;

  • smartwool tights,
  • craft bibs,
  • under amour cold gear long sleeve top,
  • mountain hardware wind stopper fleece vest,
  • cycling jacket,
  • neoprene booties over my shoes,
  • craft hat with wind stopper front under my helmet,
  • and the best part were these guys; the LOBSTER CLAW gloves.

These things kept my hands toasty warm and were super east to shift with. I'm so happy that I got these at the end of the season last year. This is the first time wearing them cycling, and it certainly won't be the last! The only thing I had trouble with was getting my water bottle out of the cages.. but I think that will just take some practice ;)

We did 32 miles- ave 15.2 MPH, the weather wasn't so bad (as you can see I was dressed pretty warm!), the only thing that sucked was when we got huffin' and puffin' the cold air hurt my lungs! Towards the end of the ride the weather was perfect though, mid to high 40's and sunny. I was almost too warm!

Speaking of the cold weather, who gets chapped lips? Well- I've got a remedy for that. Homemade chap stick. It's cheap, easy and lasts way longer that commercial brands! I made a couple containers for Pete and Dave and shipped them over.

I made the original recipe; it's just equal parts

  • Beeswax
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut Oil

Melt and pour into an old chap stick container... thats it :)

If you want to try one let me know and I'd be happy to whip up a batch for you, then you'll be hooked... it cost's less than 30 cents to make one!

Oh's some cool news; JB and his brother Ryan have finalized their website for American Fire Hose and Cabinet! It's pretty amazing how much time and effort they put into it, now they can sell items online, and they even tweet! :)

Hope you had a fun weekend!

PS. Only 10 more days until I leave for Denver, CO.! Any ideas for what to do? where to eat?