Buckwheat and Corn.. not for cooking- for comfort!


As I have mentioned to you before I sew.

I sew random things, like a hole in JB’s sweatshirt, a zipper on a bag, a tear in Sly’s bed, or a hem on my pants. But I also sew corn bags and buckwheat pillows too. What? Why? How?

>>Well- years ago my Mom made these heating corn bags that you put in the microwave and they stay warm for a period of time, so I started making them. I make them for people at work, family & friends now. They’re something I couldn’t live without now! If you come over my house in the winter I’m usually carrying one around to keep my hands warm. They’re re-usable, conform to wherever you put it, ¬†and they’re portable.. perfect for cold car rides!

Here’s the one I just made:

After awhile they start to lose their heat retaining capabilities so new corn is needed.. (if I made you one and it doesn’t stay hot for long anymore, let me know and i’ll make you a new one!)

Oh and another COOL thing about the corn bags is they can go in the freezer too. They make awesome cool packs, for summer days or an injury!

>>Now as for the Buckwheat pillows. My mom had nothing to do with that.

Justin and I were doing some research awhile ago; and stumbled upon making your own pillows. Why buckwheat? here’s why:

  • Buckwheat pillows actually attract far fewer dust mites than other types of pillows since the hulls are inedible.
  • they offer amazing support.
  • the lifespan is up to 10 years.
  • buckwheat is a renewable natural source.
  • and they are highly breathable so no more hot spots.

Here’s how I made our buckwheat pillows;



They aren’t light dainty little pillows.. Your head is about 8-10 pounds ya know! (so the pillows are 8Lbs)

And there you have it- all it needs is a pillow case cover :)

Do you use heating pads in the winter? Do you use heating blankets?

When’s the last time you changed your pillow?

….Maybe it’s time for a buckwheat pillow ;)