“why do you eat so healthy?”

I often get asked why do I eat so healthy? & how much time does it take to prepare my lunch bag? and my answer is.. it’s cheaper to pack my own, quicker than the cafeteria, and I like to eat more healthy stuff than less unhealthy stuff! Here is a peek at my typical lunch bag for a 12 hour work day.. I usually get to eat it all, but there are days where I come home and it hasn’t been touched! So there’s breakfast which I have around 530/6am: plain Chobani with 2 T. flax seed and mixed fruit. @ around 9:30/10am I’ll have some more fruit like watermelon or an apple. Then lunch is 1145/12-ish, is my usual salad with some protein and tons of water. Then around 1:30 I’ll have another something like carrots and hummus. I always usually make my lunches all at once, and then the night before throw everything in my bag in the fridge (obviously I’m not getting all this ready @2am!). It’s easier, cheaper and healthier! :)

Give me all the grief you want about my lunch bag.. but I never go hungry! Today I had a meeting for work all day. It was for the Planetree mission that is trying to take off at UMASS. It was really a great meeting, opened the doors for some great opportunities and.. another committee to join :) We’ll see how this goes. I’m all for patient-centered care, so I wonder how this is going to fly in the ER. They put on a pretty awesome lunch too, catered by the Struck, I had the Mediterranean veggi sandwich.. it was full of grilled eggplant, summer squash, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes.. and smeared with hummus.. soooo good!

Tonight for dinner: Spaghetti Carbonara NOM. NOM. NOM…

So.. about this HURRICANE! it’s suppose to hit this weekend.. and I’m working :( Suppose to hit hard Sunday afternoon, right when I get out! Just great. Tomorrow is a day off to prepare! going out to buy a few batteries for the big flashlight, and gotta mow the lawn (maybe!), and get a package out to Dave and Pete! and bake some cookies?… Yep.. stay tuned for those!

green tip. Reduce the strain on your freezer by keeping it full, it runs more efficiently!