This or That?

@ work Friday running around, I was going to empty a urinal.. YES, empty a urinal- I almost dropped it because Pete was walking in the ambulance bay. Isn’t he in Iraq?!.. NO WAY! He is home for his 2 week R&R.. He was in to see one of his troops in the ER, it was nice to see him!

remember those quizzes on Myspace where you answer what you like most.. this or that? I thought it would be fun to find one and do it.. I think you should try it too- here goes:

chocolate or vanilla? VANILLA

computer or T.V.? T.V

sandals or sneakers? SANDALS

walk or run? RUN

run or bike? BIKE

harry potter or the chronicles of narnia? HARRY POTTER

star wars or lord of the rings? STAR WARS

jack sparrow or will turner? JACK SPARROW

christmas or halloween? CHRISTMAS

yoga or pilates? YOGA

dvr or tivo? DVR

cake or ice cream? ICE CREAM

summer or winter? SUMMER

spring or fall? FALL

scuba dive or sky dive? NEITHER

cat or dog? DOG

morning or night? MORNING

baked or fried? BAKED

breakfast or dinner? BREAKFAST

nsync or backstreet boys? NSYNC

lip gloss or chapstick? CHAPSTICK

mac or pc? MAC

read someone mind or fly? FLY

beer or wine? BEER

hot dog or hamburger? HAMBURGER

bath or shower? SHOWER

ocean or mountain? MOUNTAIN

comedy or horror? COMEDY

country or rock? ROCK

I love those things! Guess what happened today?

JB and I went for a 25 mile bike ride and my knee’s felt great! I stretched them out before we left and it totally helped! We rode pretty easy, but it was just so nice to get out there and ride! My fitness is totally down the drain, my HR was sky high on the smallest hills! It’s easy to get in my working zones though :) I’m just so excited that things are turning around, on that “happy” note- we have been eyeing this place down on Pleasant St…CORNER GRILLE- they’ve got reviews of the thinnest pizza around. Pizza always makes me happy and by golly this stuff is THIN! maybe a little TOO thin? We got a large, the usual 1/2 pepperoni 1/2 chicken, spinach and onions. It was very good, but it was almost like a snack! ┬áIt was enough for me, but JB had to have some slices of mine! The chicken was skimpy and there was barely any pepperoni on his side. The sauce was awesome though, and the cheese was amazing. All in all it was pretty good, just maybe next time we’ll get 2, well done, with extra toppings! :)



green tip. Deodorize, clean drains, kill weeds, wash fireplaces, deter pests, all with…. Vinegar.