BEE Local

On our way to Graham’s Birthday cookout at JB’s mom’s house we drove past this little local stand: HONEY and MAPLE SYRUP.. we obviously turned around.. I jumped out and bought some of their honey- can’t wait to try it!

Before stuffing our face with a bunch of “Firefly’s” style food (pulled pork, bbq chicken, sweet potato fries.. it was awesome!) Isabelle and Graham had a little “play time”… oh and so did JB and Ryan :o)

Ryan- Clearly enjoying the toys too.. haha. I must admit- they are pretty fun..

JB caught red-handed..So that was our Saturday.. Sunday we ventured out to Natick mall and R.E.I.. I’m on the hunt for some cycling/running sunglasses. We tried on a bunch of Oakley’s and Native’s. My favorites are the Oakley Jawbones, however according to PW they are a little big for everyday wear.. so my thoughts are to look around a little more… and do more research! Perhaps Rudy Project can accommodate.. eeesh this should take awhile.

Today was another successful Physical Therapy session, my Right hip was waaaaay tight again!…even after stretching it and rolling out my ITband constantly.. but I heard music to my ears.. “try going for an easy bike ride..” YES! So once the rain clears I’m going to see how the knee’s feel on the bike.. cross your finger’s people!! Oh yes- and going to Sneakarama tomorrow after work and get my “prescription” sneakers, so I can maybe go for a run too soon!

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