Update on whats been going on-

So on the knee situation. I took it into my own hands.. after calling my PCP awhile ago he recommended an ortho Doc, but went to Dr. Brown over at the sports medicine clinic @ Hahnemann, he was great! I just went yesterday to see him, Within 10 minutes of the office visit X-rays were done.. (they left the xrays up on the screen.. here's the left)

No injuries, just "over-use" he reccommended that I see a Physical therapist to strengthen my quad muscles. I said, great!- I'm already seeing one..

I've been going to Greendale Physical Therapy.. and they have been great so far. I have my quad exercises to do, and stretching to do.. apparently my right hip flexor and ITband are wicked tight! Yesterday she did a few tests on my and found them to be tighter than my left, which could be causing the pain. She also put some tape on my knee's to help with the tracking of my knee cap to see if that would help the pain in both..

They want to get my bike in there soon, and fit me to it once everything is stretched out.. can't wait to get back on there! I hope it's sooner rather than later. I'm in the market for some new sneaker's too, the P.T wrote me for a Rx for sneakers.. I didn't even know they can do that?! Anyways, going to sneakorama over by UMASS soon to get "fit"... ahhhhhh!!! I can't wait to run again. I get winded running up the stairs, it's going to be super easy to get into a working HR zone!

So I've just been swimming, and using the row machine at the gym. Both are great work-outs.. just probably the most boring things in the world. The row machines are waaaaaaaaaay in the back corner, so I can't even watch people! Well- just a few meat-heads trying to pump iron looking like fools, but that's about it.. and swimming, well there's this really neat black line that I look at in the bottom of the pool. (ok- it's really not that bad- but I just cannot wait to get back OUTSIDE!!)

As for today- went to the gym to swim before Graham's Birthday cookout at JB's mom's house :)

PS. it's TAX FREE WEEKEND.. are you buying anything? (I'm still looking for sunglasses.. RUDY or Oakley?)