Sox and PT..

So Friday night JB, Nick, Rebs and I went to the Sox vs. Yanks game.. we got there early, around 4-ish and went to the bar had a few brewskies and hung out for a bit. Then it was off to Batting practice, however we weren’t lucky enough to catch any fly-balls.. BOOO

my stomach was rumbling- thank goodness I brought a snack: (Nick always gives me grief about bringing “healthy” food to sports events).

Game start was 7:05, so before we sat down, we found some eats.. JB and I got sausages with peppers and onions.. I got the chicken sausage and it was pretty good! Roll was kinda big and bulky, but it hit the spot for this kinda ball game dinner… sausage and peanuts! Oh yah- the Sox lost.. but it was a fun night :)

Got home late night.. waaaaaay past my bed time. Worked a princess shift 11a-3p Saturday, then all day Sunday.

And here we are Monday night. Today was productive, got caught up on the bills, appointment changes etc. I made a NEW appointment for my knee to see and Ortho doc this Friday.. just in case, for x-rays or anything. Then I headed out to my first physical therapy appointment at 1:30. I walked in, the place was packed with people.. thats a good sign right?

I got a call in by “Jon”.. he was awesome. He got a good idea about what was going on with my knee’s then had me hop on the table to assess my supporting muscles and joints. He resulted that my inner thigh muscle, my vastus medialis muslce is weak. My patella is being pulled off center which is causing pain on the inner part of my knee. So I have some adductor exerscises to work on, and some other quad work to do.. hopefully these help! I’m excited to see if these actually help then pain, he sounded optimistic about my story and pain I was having.

After my appointment, went for a quick swim before dinner: PS- check out the new plates and in the upcoming post.. they were on sale at T.J.Maxx! Is is bad when I saw they I immediately thought how great they would be for my blog? :) I made the Sugar Soy bourbon salmon with wild rice and a side salad. Planned on having the Arctic Charr again tonight, but WB seafood ran out!… maybe Friday?

green fact: 3 - the number of hours a television set can run on the energy saved from recycling just one aluminum can.