Arctic Charr


Got home from my swim yesterday and found this beat up package for me.. It looked like the package was directly from the movie Ace Ventura.. Package Delivery. Saw it was from Pete overseas… and my immediate thought was- holy crap- I hope my packages don’t arrive like this!!!

Opened it up, and it totally made my day.. no not my day- my week. It’s a flag; which was flown over in the face of the enemy by 912th Forward Surgical Team, during Operation New Dawn, defending Freedom, Liberty and Justice at COS Gary Owen, Al Amarah, Iraq on 4th of July..

I got the actual picture from Pete today talking to him on Skype.. and there is the Flag! He is mentioned in this great article, all these guys are hero’s- let me know if you want to send anything over, or give me some new ideas for what to send in my next care package to Dave and Pete :)

I ran to the fish market last night because JB wanted fish.. I think he was a little jealous of my swordfish!… I picked up some Arctic Charr..  looked pretty good, so gave it a whirl.

I didn’t have much else in the house to pair with it so I made a rub for it:

2t. brown sugar

1 t. dill

1/2 t. salt

1/2 t. paprika

1/2 t. garlic powder

1/2 t. lemon juice

1/2 t. EVOO

Simple just brush on..

grill direct heat- skin side up first, 3 min each side for a fairly thin piece..

and enjoy..

I often ask JB to rate the dinner’s on a scale of 1-10.. this was WAY UP THERE! he gave it a 8.5- and for a picky eater.. I’ll take it!

Worked the graveyard shift last night & got out at 7am, ran to the pool to get some laps in.. saw PW there cruising through the water, pretty sure he has gills.. chatted for a bit before we had to get out because the pool became overtaken with old timers getting ready for their class. I hope I go to those classes when I’m 80 years old, they always look like they have so much fun! Got a few hours of shut eye before the Red Sox vs. Yanks game tonight with JB, NICK, AND REBS!  Maybe I’ll get a coffee before we go.. IF i’m lucky… hmmm..