Welcome to my New Blog!!

I have been thinking and thinking about doing a new blog domain for a long while and finally decided to jump in a go for it. Why not right? While I had my techie bro at my side we bombed through and got it all set up and going in a blink! Still working out some kinks here and there, but I love it so far.. hope you do too!

Been busy down there at the cape.. got up saturday morning and went kayaking with Eric, we were on the hunt for some clams and… trash! like I said before I wanted to clean up some trash that was floating around out there with a net..

and that’s exactly what I did. I think I got more excited about finding the trash than the actual clams.. which we were planning on cooking up.. but  just ended up tossing them back! it was fun at least.. we found the bucket out there and a shovel!

bucket o clams

bag o' trash

After doing some clammin’ and trashin’- Joe, Dad and I went golfing. Mind you I haven’t golfed in over a year!  Last year I was in a league going all the time, so I was excited to get out there! Joe and I went to the range before hand to hit a bucket.. and it was NOT pretty. worm burners, slice here, draw there.. eesh this was going to be an interesting game.

Out we went.. and Hey! once I got out on the course it all came back to me.. Minus a few little flubs, I played pretty good. Shot bogey golf with a par here and there, but not to shabby for not playing in over a year! Joe and Dad are good, I think I kept up pretty well (ps. joe’s score is what he USUALLY gets! but if you add em’ up we all were pretty equal!)

After a pretty successful 9 we planned on going to the Chart Room for dinner. Little did we know it was going to be MOBBED! so we went down to another local place called to the Courtyard Restaurant. I got some MORE salmon. Cedar plank wrapped with asparagus salon with a butter sauce.. I know I had it Friday night too, but hey- it’s the Cape right? It was O.K… a little overdone for my liking-

Today was gorgeous out! Got up at the crack of dawn.. 6AM! thanks to my ongoing headache, but got an early start to the day anyways. Went out and had some retail therapy with mamadukes- got a few things.. you will see in the future pictures :)

Got home, and we all decided that we would try the Chart Room for Lunch, perhaps it wouldn’t be as mobbed.. and it wasn’t, we got to sit right away, and it was right on the water!

Mom and Dad raved about this Lobster salad stuffed tomato: so that’s what mom got:

as for me- I got my “safety dinner”- when there is nothing else that tickles my fancy- chicken ceasar salad, I also tried their gazpacho soup- it was yummy!

Back home EARLY tomorrow morning.. to hunt around for a physical therapist, My Aug 23 knee appointment with the Knee doctor just isn’t going to cut it.. wish me luck!

Green Fact. It takes almost 1/3 of a pound of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just ONE T-shirt.. hmmm.. what are we wearing?