King Crab!

so far so good! Vaca has been relaxing and just.. well relaxing! haven't really done much of anything, and it's awesome. Went for a 6 mile leisurely run yesterday just to get the legs moving while JB went for a bike ride. Today was a gorgeous beach day, and we have done some grilling!Not much going on so not much to blog about, but here's a little peek at what's been going on!..

monday night we made KING CRAB LEGS! We have never had them before and wanted to try them, what better place than at the Cape on vacation right? They were pretty good! and some salmon of course..

Last night we made some grilled steak, potato, peppers, onions, corn feast..

and today some relaxing on the beach..

Tonight is date night out & tomorrow is probably our infamous pizza night!... We always go  get pizza whenever we are on vaca.. wherever, whenever.. pizza is always a staple.  I think we know where we will be going.. wait and see! We are planning a bike ride tomorrow too- early to beat the heat though, suppose to be getting a HEAT WAVE! Then maybe beach again.. to jump in the ocean to cool off!

green tip. TRUE STORY- going slowing really does save on gas. Driving down the cape I travelled @ 60mph cruise control the whole way. I usually get around 20 mpg, but traveling at 60mph I averaged 27 mpg! SO SLOW DOWN and you can save some green :) check THIS out.