Tri Report

Let the vacation begin! Got down here @ the Cape Saturday afternoon around 5-ish. Didn't hit any traffic which was super nice, settled in then went out to eat with mom and dad for a quick bite to eat. As they tried to convince me NOT to do the triathlon in the morning, I was confident I would be fine. Going back and forth in my mind I really wasn't sure if I was doing it up until about 7pm last night when we went to pick up my race packet. My knee was a little quirky, but I had hope it would pull through, and it did just that! No pain- at all. SO- here's the re-cap:

SWIM. TIME-8:49, 1/3 mile. Ocean- calm water temp 73. First time swimming in the Ocean, and I was sooooo nervous, but after my warm up swim all my anxiety seemed to stay in the water. I got out, and just couldn't stop smiling.. I was ready to go! (sharks? uhh- i don't see any fins.. ha ha ha-nervous laugh)
I did veer off course once, but there was a lifeguard to keep me on track- thank goodness! The current kind of swept me towards the shore. It was a rectangle swim around 4 buoys. Spotting in the ocean was a bit more difficult than a lake that's for sure. Oh and the salty water was GROSS.. my face tells it all..
Once I was headed into shore, I kicked it up and got excited for the bike (per usual)..
BIKE. TIME-27:46, PACE-19.98 MPH, 9 miles. Rolling "hills". i'd call them bumps compared to home, but hey that's what they said. Once I was out there, I knew I didn't want to kill myself, so I didn't go TOO hard. Pushed it a little bit, but was weary of my knee hurting.. which it didn't! thank goodness! now.. back to my transition area..
As I mounted my bike and threw on my sneaks.. this dude came barreling up and threw his bike on. The rack fell over with my bike on it.. he picked his bike up, fixed his things and started to take off.. not before helping me he wasn't!! I yelled "DUDE!!! WHAT THE HELL?!" he stopped dead in his tracks and responded.. "sorry- the rack fell over." I looked at him as I was trying to fix the rack and said "no shit", as he ran off.. Nice kid hu? I struggled to fix the rack of a few then picked some bikes up.. then remembered I was in a race! so my T2 which is usually super quick was NOT.. blah- so off I went..
RUN. TIME-29:11 PACE-9:24, 3.1 miles. The run was HOT. I haven't been running, so I wasn't surprised how slow I was! It went just O.K. I kind of thought of it as a jog along the beach.. I didn't even wear my Garmin today. I know- I wanted to, but I went in with the mindset of listening to my body, not the numbers.. and that's what I did.
I felt good so I did the best I could :)
and my most favorite picture of them all.. JB was out on his bike and along the course with me, cheering me along, and the end is always the sweetest part;
swim- 8:49
t1- 2:54
bike- 27:46
t2- 2:18
run- 29:11
total- 1:08:41
Now.. time to RELAX and kick off vacation with beach plans tomorrow!! :oD