"come on Richard!, speed up! come on!"

Past two days of work have been draining. Getting up at 2:30 am is just NOT NORMAL.. but yet I continue to do it.. I really shouldn’t complain because I only have to work every 3rd weekend and not M-F! So yesterday JB and I adjusted my bike a little bit. My left knee hurt behind the knee, (so I’m reaching for the pedal) so I put a few shims in there, and my right knee hurts the front inner part (too long?) so I switch out insoles for thinner ones. We also tilted the seat down to make it straight, it was tilted a little up, and lowered it a tiny little bit. So we’ll see if that helps at all. Took a look at the cleats too, they’re still pretty new- so they’re O.K. I’m going to take it for a spin tomorrow and see how it feels.. cross your fingers!

Anyone else watching the Tour de France?.. take a peek @ this You Tube video.. imagine this happening to you.. what would you do? laugh? cry? punch someone in the face?

The other night JB and I were craving turkey, but in no mood to bake a turkey in the 90 degree weather, we improvised. I found these turkey tips @ Stop & Shop, already marinated, which were so good! we just did a quick stir fry with brocollini and onions on the grill over the wok.. and it came out amazing..

started out with a salad..

whats on tap for the weekend? I’m hopeful to get in a ride, a run and a swim? that might be pushing it- these knee’s are really eating away at me.. I’m going to have some help tomorrow.. Courtney is going to come over and see what the heck is going on too.. and Pat!¬†well- after him and Justin get done with their 6 hour bike ride! those luckies :o/ siiigh.. So- other than me wishing I could ride, i’ll be doing some cleaning, and perhaps I’ll finally get to organize the garage!! I know- who get’s excited about organizing and cleaning a garage? ME!