pain in the KNEE?..

This can’t be happening. I HAVE NEVER had any REAL injuries- EVER in my LIFE. no broken bones, no nagging pain, no lingering annoyances.. until now. I turn 26 and I suddenly feel OLD. 4th of July JB and I went out for a bike ride. Planned out a 60 mile ride. It was all fine and dandy until mile 40 ish. My right knee started giving me some pain, the interior aspect right under my knee cap. Every time I pedal it felt like it was going to pop. I’ve realized my right leg is longer than my Left. The pain was getting excruciating.. and then my left knee started hurting too, behind the knee. GREAT! We stopped so I could try and stretch it out. It didn’t help. The rest of the ride home was miserable, all I could think about was how much this sucks, how it happened, why this is happening and how can I fix it. Finally got home, ice’d it for a bit, took a dose of Tylenol.. wishing I could take Motrin (i can’t take it because my INR from the Coumadin would go way too high!) Tylenol didn’t do crap. Yesterday @ work my knee’s were bothering me, after taking tylenol and still in pain, I decided to take ONE dose of Motrin. It won’t kill me right?.. welp- I sit here, after taking a dose of Motrin yesterday with a bloody nose. CRAP.. it’ll pass though- so much for swimming this morning.. Pretty sure I shouldn’t be getting in a pool. DOUBLE CRAP.
I don’t know what to do, why it came on so sudden, I’m wondering if I need to adjust my seat perhaps, tilt it forward and move it up a little bit? But my right leg being longer, it seems it’s a double edged sword if i adjust my seat. I’m so worried that it will just get worse. Stretching is about all I can do right now.. not so great for my sprint triathlon coming up.. if I’ll even be able to do it >:o/ UGH. Have I mentioned I can’t stand NOT being able to do anything? Maybe I’ll just muster through the pain.. nah- then I’ll really hurt myself..

so JB made an awesome dinner on the grill for the 4th. I was just so bummed and down in the dumps from my knee’s he made a nice dinner. started with a salad.. (not shown) and some grilled chicken with Bone-suckin’-yaki sauce.. and the star of the show was the RICE!.. here’s his recipe:
1 c brown rice, 2 c water
1 T butter
1 T low sodium soy sauce
1 low sodium chicken bullion cube
1/4 t. onion powder
1/4 t. thyme
1/4 t. basil
bring water to boil.. add all ingredients, simmer covered for 50 minutes or until done, stirring occasionally. It’s so good! the soy sauce really gives it a nice flavor.

Last night went out with my friend Erin to BABA for some sushi.. it was soooooo good! I think we got all the same rolls we got last time! but we did get one different one, the cucumber on the left, it was so good, and the seaweed salad was something I never tried before but that was wicked good too! If you are reluctant to try sushi, I would go here for you’re first time or to try sushi, it is the bomb-digity. (Yes I just said bomb-digity.) 

OK.. time to do some more stretching and use the good old foam roller.. waiting for my nose to stop bleeding. then i’ll try and make it to the pool. if not- another day off. UGH.

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