bombs away!!

 OK. First off- we know Joe is here! because the Friendly’s Wattamelon roll is out! hahaha- he LOVES this.. not gonna lie- it it pretty delicious, but JB and I arrived too late because it was devoured by the time we got there.. ohh well! So Friday night wasn’t too bad for traffic, hit a little @ the Bridge, but it moved right along, arrived around 10pm and basically went right to bed. Got up, watched a little Tour de France then headed to the Beach! It was so crowded we barely found a spot, stayed for a few hours, then came home- and headed out to the rope swing. That’s right.. ROPE SWING! it’s just down the path behind the house. Eric.. AKA machete master plowed the way, and when we got there he got right on! 

 The water is a little murky, so I passed this time.. and took all the pictures!…

 And JB..

 We got Sly out there in his life vest! It’s a little big, so I need to sew it and make some minor adjustments. Dad thought he didn’t need it, so we showed him.. and to no prevail Sly sunk, but don’t worry JB was there to rescue him. He just forgets to move his legs and drinks the water while he’s out there, flapping his ears around.. just no coordination AT ALL.. poor Sly. So I’ve got to work on the life vest, and we’ve got to work on getting him used to it! here he is actually swimming out to JB with it on..

 Another of Eric flying off the swing..

 After the rope swing and beach, we were HUNGRY! So it was time to do some grilling! My sis’ in law Monica made these great pasta salads and home made salsa.. BOTH WERE AMAZING! i’m def. going to be making the salsa very soon..

 While we were waiting for the burgers and dogs to finish cooking.. why not a little whiffle ball in the front yard? JB pitching to E and Joe ready for a pop up!.. I got a few swings in too.. (i still got it :oP)

 Finally time to eat..

 After dinner, we met up with one of Eric’s friends at the “BOATHOUSE” bar in Falmouth. It was pretty awesome, right on the water, but once 10pm hit, it was like a calling for all the meat heads and bar crawlers to come out.. because it GOT PACKED!!! we were jammed, barely able to move around.. before it got toooooo packed.. JB and Joe obviously were talking stats about fantasy baseball..

 Monica and Erin..

 Just the girls..

 Monica and E..

 Erin and Joe..

 and lastly me and JB.. kinda washed out, we blame it on my white sweatshirt?

We went out on the Kayaks today.. it was pretty awesome! went all the way out almost to the beach, and i spotted some gigantic crabs! It was so quiet and peaceful out there. My plan next time is to bring a fishing net. Why? to fish out trash from the water.. saw a bunch of plastic bottles and wrappers and stuff.. that can’t be good for the wildlife! Here we are.. luckily we didn’t capsize…


..Heading home tonight for a bike ride tomorrow.. Eek- and my  falmouth sprint triathlon is only 2 weeks away!.. ocean swimming? NEVER done that before, CRAP.. i’ll have to make it up on the bike :oP