The magical Fruit.

It’s been a busy few days.. and another long bike ride. I got lost of course, but eventually found my way back keeping it at 70 miles.. PHEW! The ride was Hilly, JB and I planned it out the night before. We rode together towards his work then I high-tailed it toward Princeton up the mountain.. I know- why? Not really sure! It seemed like a good idea mapping it out, and I wanted everyone to see my elevation gain on my Garmin Connect.. (which wouldn’t even upload when i got home!!! grrrrr) So After heading up and down the mountain I proceeded toward Barre.. another not so flat route.. seriously. right at the center of Barre I almost toppled over it was so steep! I glanced down at my MPH and I was cruising at a whopping 3.5MPH! man was that brutal. Once I conquered the center of Barre I knew I was smooth sailing from there.. OR SO I THOUGHT!! JB failed to tell me the road I had home before hopping on 68: “Williamsville Rd.” was the death of me. I was cursing him as I went up and down the hills! :oP It probably wouldn’t have been that bad, considering the fact I just did Wachusett Mtn, and Barre. Anyways. Long-Hilly ride, ANOTHER LOST extravaganza under the belt! it’s always an interesting trip on my rides.. oh and saw a deer too!

It’s 4th Of July so I made some 4 Bean Salad!

I went to Trader Joe’s the other day and it was at their little sample booth (and of course I try everything that they give out!). This was a total winner. However I tweaked their recipe a bit (omitted the extra salt- there’s enough in the beans! and added the kidney beans..)

I used one can each of black beans, pink beans, chick peas and kidney beans, 7 T. of their red wine and olive oil vinaigrette and 1 t. of red pepper flakes… 

Do not rinse the beans, just drain them real good, and mix it all together with dressing and pepper flakes.. delish on crackers, and salad too!

and we’re …Off to the CAPE! excited for some kayaking and hopefully some beach time! Maybe Sly will finally get to try his life jacket! stay tuned :o)