homemade guacamole

On a guacamole kick.. didn't want to just buy it, of course I wanted to make some! Here's how I did, Homemade Guacamole:

2 ripe Haas Avocadosone small tomato (diced)one large clove of garlic (minced)half medium onion (diced)one small lime1/2 t. saltone small bunch of cilantro ( leaves chopped)pinch of cayenne pepper

To prepare avocado remove the pit first.. slice it open twist it, and expose the pit.. Jab a knife in it (careful!) so if sticks and release by twisting..slice the "meaty" part of the avocado into chunks so it's easy to scoop with a spoon, and just plop in a dish..

squeeze the lime in, season with salt and mash it up!

stir in tomato, onion, garlic and cilantro...

and a pinch of cayenne for a bite!

creamy and delicious..

Yesterday after picking JB up @ work.. (he rode to work in the am, but it was pouring rain by 430pm!) we went to Gearworks, I picked out some new bike shorts for my b-day :o) got some nice CRAFT BIB shorts and some SUGUOI shorts, now I don't have to do laundry every other day if we I want to ride!OooOOoo!! Look what I got in the mail! My LARABAR stickers! I LOVE stickers- I just wrote them an e-mail telling them how much I love their stuff, because i do! and they sent me a bunch of free stickers...  (look at the envelope! LOL)

Another rainy gloomy day - Tomorrow going to head to the gym early and get a swim and run in, then come home and CLEAN! I had a change in plans today, instead of cleaning went to R.E.I with mom after getting out of work @ 11a.. so my Dyson Animal is patiently waiting to be used! Perhaps a V-LOG tomorrow of how crazy good this thing is, if I can figure out how to put a video on here! Speaking of video's, had a Skype video with Dave today, he got my package last Saturday with the butterscotch bars; they were a hit! 

His unit really likes it when they see packages from me :o) I'm planning to make some more next week.. something coconut in mind.. macaroons perhaps?

Green tip.Instead of printing off directions for every place you need to go consider using the GPS on your phone! This will save paper and will be safer as you will no longer need to read and drive at the same time!