Pain in the A-

Waking up without a clock, never mind an alarm is amazing. Woke up to my kind of alarm: Sly jumping on the bed! so- got up, had some Chobani n’ tea then headed out to check out Falmouth with mom to get some stuff for the house. There is EVERYTHING just 10 min away.. so much shopping to do- so little time. Got a few decorative things and a new “cape house bed” for Sly.. I think he likes it-

So- silly me, should have planned a little better- I didn’t properly hydrate before my run today, nor eat much either. other than breakfast 4 hours prior. Headed out in the heat of the day right when we got home around 1245-ish.. hungry and thirsty i tried to gulp some water before leaving, but it didn’t do much. 10 miles and 90 minutes later my left achilles was a pain in the ass, I almost just turned around at mile 4, but wanted get this run in so bad! The bike path was hoppin’ with people.. and bunnies! A bunny jumped right out in front of me- nearly  gave me a heart attack, little sucker. I was at the bike path entrance of the house when I peaked at my Garmin and it read 9.25 miles.. NOOOOO!!! 

My leg was killing, I had to stop, I ran inside drank some water, pondered if I wanted to even complete my run.. UGH- it would really kill me knowing I didn’t, so I ran out the front door- while mom was looking at me funny. I did it. 10 miles. the most I’ve EVER!..

Time to R.I.C.E it. Ugh let’s hope it gets better A.S.A.P.

Once I was really done with my run that time I sat outside and put some ice on my leg, ate some food (not my usual post run stuff, as there’s not much here at the cape house, but i think i made a pretty good concoction of goodness).. cottage cheese, tuna, celery, onion, soy crackers, orange and a WHOLE LOTTA H2O!

..and relaxed for a bit on the deck with mom and Sly.. i think she’s napping!

now just waiting for JB and Dad to get here.. going out for dinner once they do! bike ride tomorrow, hoping not to aggravate the achilles.

green tip. Drink tea instead of soda. It helps you sleep, and doesn’t use as much transport energy as heavy bottles of soda.

mini vaca

Work today just 7a-11a, piece of cake. Got home, went for a quick run with Sly and got caught in the rain. dried off, packed up some clothes and my Jamis then headed to the Cape with Mom! JB and Dad will be down Friday :) We arrived unfortunately to rain and wind, but it was somehow very relaxing, just sat, listened to the thunder & rain and read my kindle. Sly is adjusting, it’s going to take a little while but I’m sure he will be just fine.. looks like he had a rough day hu?

Tomorrow going to check out the Bike path and go for my 10 mile run on it- it’s going to be super flat! Should be kind of nice though, a bit of a change compared to the “Worcester Hills” I’m used to! I’m curious to see the elevation difference on the Garmin when I get home.. any guesses? 

Hopefully tomorrow night JB and Dad won’t get caught in too much traffic so we can go out to dinner, can’t wait to check out all the local places around here.

My bro Eric hooked me up with A TON of free books for my Kindle, i’m talking thousands, just a perk of having a computer geek in the family :).. so time to search for some more books! 

Green Tip: Save up to 30% on inkjet cartridges just by changing the font from Arial to Century. This will be less money you have to spend and less ink cartridges that need to be produced!