just can't kick it..

Anyone watch Teen Mom 2 finale last night? What a stand up mother Janelle is hu? lol PFFFTTTT!
so- woke up today.. after a week and a half of a nagging cough.. which is just starting to dissipate- now I just have no voice. I do however have a nasty headache I just can't kick, and Tylenol being the only thing I can take for it, just isn't cutting it. After taking yesterday off from working out, today I needed to work out, sick or not. So I headed to spin this morning before my date with Mom.. and man- was that a mistake! I walked in with a mild headache and walked out with a pounding migraine. What a dummy I thought, why on earth did I just do that?! Oh well- at least my workout is done! Ave HR 143, 60 min, 21 miles. Tons and tons of water was the only thing I could do for it, and it seemed to help.. the run I planned after was NOT happening.. oh well.
After downing bottles of water, Mom arrived to pick me up and gave me these gorgeous roses.. "just because".. which totally made my day :) We went to Panera Bread for lunch where I got my usual black bean soup and sesame chicken salad then headed to the movies! I haven't been to the movies in YEARS! We went to see Hall Pass, it was pretty funny. Nice to get out and spend some QT time with mama-dukes.
Got home and dove into my next read.. 
until the mail guy came to deliver my TIMEX cycling shorts and shirt! Can't wait to wear them.. too bad we might get up to 12 inches of snow on Friday! NOOOOOOOOO!!! :( Work tomorrow 3a-3p (BOOOOO) and Friday hopefully won't be snowed in! Suppose to meet up with Ali and get a mani. Then perhaps out Friday night with the Wheeler's to Brew City! :)
green tip. pack your lunch right- Did you know that the average American school-age child throws away 67 pounds of packaging a year?  This includes plastic water bottles, sandwich baggies, and juice boxes.  With the population of kids in the US alone accounting for over 70 million, that’s over 4.6 TRILLION pounds of packaging... and that's just kids.