laughing is the best medicine..

Work today was a typical Monday.. long and crazy! Complete with one tackle, one AMA(leaving against medical advice), and one admitted patient d/c’d from the ER 35 hours later.. it was just another Monday “Funday”. The only thing I can do on these days is laugh and get what NEEDS to be done, DONE. All the other fluffing and buffing just doesn’t happen, because when it does it just backfires in your face. For example: I had a nice woman who just got admitted, and I just got handed orders. Knowing that there was a bed shortage I got this sweet old lady all tucked on a hospital bed, blood drawn, IV fluid up and running, pain meds given, med sheets done.. and then I hear it.. over the stupid walkie- talkie.. “MEG.. YOU HAVE A BED ON ROOM 5!” Of course. Ok. it was great and all I got her all settled but, I got her all settled for the floor! GRRR! Ohhhh well, meanwhile my other patient had been waiting for a private bed for OVER 30 hours at this point.. ludacris or what? yep.

I wish there was a way to fix this. The only thing I could do at this point for my patient who had been there for over 30 hours was be punctual with his meds, courteous of his privacy down in the busy ER, and stay and talk whenever I had a chance… No window, No T.V, No visitors, and No people watching… what a boring stay he must have had. I hope I at least made him laugh a little bit. Being my clumsy self; dropping ginger ale all over my pants, then later dropping a bunch of empyt urinals on my head while getting something out of the supply cabinet.. I think that did the trick :oP Any-hoo, hopefully you made someone laugh or smile today, because it’s the best medicine!

Run after work was a quick 3 miles, 8:25 pace. Wind was brutal and cold, but for 3 miles it wasn’t so bad. Probably wasn’t the best thing for my nagging cough though :ox Core followed THEN–
What’s for dinner tonight?.. wowzers- I L-O-V-E burgers, and this one is right up there..
Apple Cheddar Chicken Burger with Caramelized Onions..
green tip. When doing laundry, ensure that you have a full load to maximize energy used! AND If the entire population of the United States washed their clothes exclusively with cold water (instead of hot), we would save $3 billion in energy costs annually and cut national CO2 emissions by over a full percent!