I thought it was Spring?!! But it sure does feel like Winter still! The wind and cold today I could not get myself to run outside. I was really planning on it, but I just couldn’t. So I headed to the gym for my 7 miler on the treadmill. Ave 8:35 pace.. all I have to say is thank God for HGTV and the woman in front of me dancing on her aerobic machine.. LOL. JB had a trainer ride while I was @ the gym, then after we were going to get our groceries done before date night :)
We headed out to Texas Roadhouse.. because we have had a gift card since Christmas (i know, i know!).. We got the Baby Blossom to start.. it was not so “baby”! Thing was big! a bit battery, but still good, and for my main course I got the grilled shrimp over rice with a sweet potato the size of TEXAS and some mixed veggies.. I barely ate half of it, should be good for lunch tomorrow!
Obviously we didn’t get to the Cape- too cold! once it get’s warmer we will be there all the time.. I hope!  Tomorrow taking Sly for a hike out to trout brook, then the usual Sunday stuff.

So.. Today I got an invite to run in a relay.. it’s the Reach the Beach Relay, by Courtney.. I’m thinking it would be a lot of fun!.. and a lot of miles too! Anyone ever done a relay run like this before? I’m not sure… but I’m always up for new things, and this would definitely be something new and exciting right?! :o)

green tip. Test your home for radon a natural, odorless gas (#2 cause of lung cancer)!