Worked just 7a-11a today. When my alarm went off at 0625.. I felt weird getting out of bed SO LATE when it was semi-light out! It was great! Wasn’t too busy either which was nice.. a little “Princess Shift” as we like to call it. Went to the gym right after I got out. Ran 4 miles, ave 8:26 pace. Shins felt good- Because I wore my Asics Cumulus for some cushion, then core followed.. so what’s for dinner tonight?
Chicken Taquitos!
1 T. EVOO and a little more for brushing tortillas
1 Large chopped onion
2-3 cloves garlic, chopped
1 t. cumin
1 t. paprika
1/4 t. cayenne pepper
1/4 t. salt
2 c. shredded cooked chicken
2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
6-7 (8 inch) tortillas.. cut in half, or use small 6 inch ones
1 cup shredded Mexican cheese
Preheat oven to 425°F. Heat EVOO over medium heat in a skillet. Add onion and cook until translucent. Add cumin, paprika, cayenne and salt. Stir, then add in chicken and garlic, heat through 2-3 minutes..
In pot, bring chicken broth to a simmer, dip tortillas briefly- 1 to 2 seconds then lay tortilla on a work surface and spread a little chicken mixture over bottom third. Top with cheese and roll up. Place seam side down on non-stick baking sheet, brush all the tortillas lightly with oil and bake for 7 minutes, turn once half way through and sprinkle with a little shredded cheese.  bake for another 7 minutes… OLE’!
T.G.I.F.. what’s up for the weekend? We might head out to the Cape tomorrow- we’ll see how the weather is! Or just hang around here, take Sly for a hike and factor in my 7 miler as well.. Happy Friday!
green tip. get creative: Find 1 item that you throw away often & find a way to recycle it or reuse it!..
How about envelopes you get some junk mail in? instead of just recycling it, use it for your grocery list this week! or your to do list.