All three…

So today decided to swim, bike, and run. Since yesterday had an unscheduled off day. Headed to the Y this morning and got on the treadmill… a mile into the run my shins began to burn.. shin splints again?!! I could only endure 2.5 miles of the pain- before heading downstairs to “cycle fusion”- 45 minutes of spin then ending with some weights and core work. Lastly plopped in the pool for 25 minutes of swimming. Practiced bilateral breathing more- I’m determined to get it down. It’s hard because I get behind in my breathing. Every other breath you can easily catch your breath, but bilateral is a little more tricky- for me anyways. I find when I do bilateral breathing I swim more calm and straight too, so I guess it’s practice practice practice! Oh- also tried out my new ear plugs and goggles.. they were great- no fogging up!

Other than that I had a pretty unproductive day which was kind of nice- a load of laundry and a trip to the store rounded it out. Working tomorrow 3a-3p then a run? we’ll see how the shins feel- I might need to make use of the elliptical for a little bit and core work.

green tip. plate it up: Always use glass or ceramic when reheating food in a microwave, not plastic! When plastic is heated, it releases small amounts of chemicals into your food, which you then eat. Before heating up leftovers, transfer them to a plate!