Where’s Spring?!

Wait.. I thought it was the first day of SPRING yesterday?! And we got snow today!! I am soooo not O.K. with that! Such a tease the past week with all that nice weather.. taking the bike out and running outside.. I guess it’s back inside for now! Spin tomorrow, with a swim AND a run.. all three? Yep! because, took today off after a solid 10 hours on my feet at work, my legs and feet were screaming at me- Sometimes you just have to listen to your body.. as guilty as I felt- I needed it.

Taco’s for dinner- I finally tried the Pineapple salsa and it was great! kind of spicy- with a hint of sweetness, very good! I can only image how good it would be with tortilla chips and guacamole.. HMM… something else I can make? :) Whole Foods and R.E.I was fun yesterday, JB and I always make a day of it, shopping around R.E.I for new stuff and always finding something. I got a two summery dresses, one black and one coral, and a few things to ship to Dave while he’s still in TX. Kinda bummed though, they didn’t have any cycling bibs for women, I suppose I’ll have to buy those online! @Whole Foods they always have a ton of free samples too, so you never leave hungry! Yesterday they had a bunch of different cheeses and crackers, a pork slider thing, oatmeal raisin cookies.. and these guys- they’re so cute and yummy! They are WAY better than teddy grahams!
O.K. so still looking at Garmin forerunner’s on EBAY.. and a new cycling helmet too!.. BOY- this stuff gets expensive! Maybe I’ll take the plunge this week.. besides- it IS for my health & safety right? :)